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A support offer for every client

Because every client is different, we provide 4 ways to get support on our DNN modules, in addition to the one you already get from our Forum.

The Occasional The Addict The Creative The V.I.P
I've got a question.
I've got another question.
I've got this great idea...
Just make it work, dude.
$70 Per Ticket $315 Save $35 $672 Save $168 $1138 Save $613
Supported Aricie modules All All Expert Expert
Help on configuration        
Bug priorization*        
Custom development (rule, provider...)        
Advanced technical specifications        
Time estimation pre-approved with customer        
Attendance by senior developer        
Validity period 3 months 6 months 12 months 12 months
Warranty duration 1 month 2 months 3 months 3 months
Available support time 1 hour 5 hours 12 hours 25 hours**

* To report a bug on our modules, use the Forum. Its correction will be prioritized in the next release.

** For any development over 25 hours, please contact us.

  • Occasionnal : you are used to coping with all sorts of issues and bugs on DNN. In case you need an extra help from us, just get a ticket and we'll join you to solve you issue (apart from source code modification)
  • Addict : here you are again with more questions for us ! Excellent, we love to help our customers. Get a beefed up support package and let us help you in the long run
  • Creative : had a great idea and need a hand to develop it on DNN ? We develop the component for you. Let us know what you expect, we'll make it for you. This offer includes custom development and high availability
  • Bossy : no time to fool around ? Just need it to work, right? No problem. Simply delegate the whole project to our team of experts. They will develop test and configure the solution in your environment. (limited to 25 hours)