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Turn your contents into a best seller

What is it ?

Import pictures  - JPEG, PNG, GIF format - and PDF files into professional flip books. Create great promotional and marketing support on your DNN portals : leaflets, portfolios, catalogs, brochures, fact sheets... Display them on all devices, PC, tablets, smartphones. 

Click' flip

Import images in an HTML 5 book or use Flash. Create your pages or import PDF and ZIP files. Add a toolbar including Zoom, Thumbnail view, hard cover, flipping sounds, tearable pages...

Import PDF

PageFlip will import PDF files on 32 and 64 bit OS. Watch online tutorial.


  • Flip books using Html 5 for mobile-friendly flipbooks. Requires TurnJS library version 4.
  • Flash mode is also available
  • Import pictures one by one -> Page manager
  • Import multiple pictures at once -> Bulk import
  • Import PDF files
  • Unlimited books on a page
  • Unlimited pages in a book
  • Flip pages manually for an intuitive user-experience
  • Customize book dimensions and margins
  • Resize contents to fit the book
  • Set background image and color (supports PNG transparency)
  • Set flipping speed
  • Add flipping sounds
  • Add navigation toolbar
  • Mosaic view
  • Print book
  • Hard cover option
  • Localized books (one book per locale)
  • Free online support
  • Documentation with step-by-step process


Release notes

    • [8.2.0]
      • Compatibility with DNN 9.8.0
      • Fix: bug fixed for zip book import
      • Fix: bug fixed for outside DNN book view
    • [8.1.1]
      • Fix: Module load issues has been corrected
    • [8.1.0]
      • Fix: Review and optimization of the PDF import mechanism
      • Fix: bug fixed for multilingual websites while loading and saving PageFlip settings
    • [8.0.1]
      • Fix: Download attached file now works on latest DNN
    • [8.0.0]
      • Compatibility with DNN9+
    • [07.00.05]
      • Fix: Attached files now open properly on IE
      • Fix: Opening page issue with HTML5 has been corrected
      • CSS and translation improvements
      • Confirmed : bug fixed on Print button to make it visible to all users (including non admins)
    • [07.00.04]
      • Fix: Sorting by page number now works properly
      • Fix: Zoom page size issue has been corrected
      • Fix: PDF import now works properly with Unicode characters in filename
    • [07.00.03]
      • Fix: Folder issues on child portals
    • [07.00.00]Html 5 flipping
      • NEW! Now create mobile-friendly flipbooks with Html5 (TurnJS library is required)
      • Enable Html5 flipping for mobile-friendly interactive books
      • Fix: config interface are now clean and CSS-friendly