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Lucene Search
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Lucene Search


  • A unique autocomplete engine for DotNetNuke
  • Skin object to include Lucene Search directly in your skin templates
  • Super fast JQuery-based autocomplete
  • Option to display content icons
  • Browser compatibility - IE7+ / Firefox / Chrome / Safari / Opera...
  • Custom fields - Select which data to display in the frame
  • Custom grouping - Group similar types of data (ie Movie and Picture-type files can be grouped under a single Media section)
  • Group and Item template - Add icons per type of data (ie PDF files can be identified by a PDF icon)
  • Enable highlights and personalize hit style
  • Set a minimum # of chars to enter in the search box
  • Results header

Lucene index

  • Search any type of content
  • Automatic search based on the DNN Search Administrator
  • Enrich your index with specific fields based on additional providers (see existing providers)
  • Make any module searchable without modifying it
  • Select the modules to search on the portal
  • Index PDF and Office files. Requires iFilters are installed on your server. 
  • Highlight results hits
  • Exact, partial or fuzzy search with approximation (%)
  • Lucene filters. You can prevent certains contents (pages, modules, fields...) from being indexed
  • Log indexation events


  • W3C compliant
  • Personalize Search and Results layouts for a stunning research interface
  • Add generic controls : 'Search' button, 'Reset' button, Panel controls, 'Print' button, Pager size ...
  • Search when pressing Enter key
  • Filter search results by module type
  • Filter search results by keyword
  • Filter search results  by date
  • Filter search results by category
  • Create your own custom filters
  • Localize your search
  • Filter search results by current user permission
  • Option to display a 'Return to results' button on detail page
  • Display results in a grid or a list
  • Enable paging
  • Enable grouping
  • Display results in same / different page
  • Step-by-step documentation
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